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Visilab - guided tour of laboratories working with neuroscience at UFRJ Health Sciences Center

The Laboratory of Investigation of Alzheimer's Disease (LInDA) participates regularly, for some years now, in the Visilab Program, which takes place annually during the Brain Week. The Visilab consists of guided visitation to the laboratories working with various topics in Neuroscience at the Health Sciences Centre (CCS) of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). The LDN open its doors for this extension activity, which includes the dissemination of scientific research on Alzheimer's disease for middle and high school students. This is an excellent opportunity to generate interest in science and encourage new vocations in children and youth. See below some pictures of the last years of the event.

VIII Brain Week  |  UFRJ  |  2017

VII Brain Week  |  UFRJ  |  2016

VI Brain Week  |  UFRJ  |  2015

V Brain Week  |  UFRJ  |  2014

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