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Established in 2006, the Laboratory of Neurodegenerative Diseases of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) initially housed studies on various diseases of the brain including Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases, and the so-called spongiform encephalopathies, a set of diseases which are the human equivalent of the well known "mad cow disease" in cattle. Over the years, we have been increasingly focusing our studies on Alzheimer's disease.


The mission of the laboratory is to investigate the mechanisms that cause memory loss in Alzheimer's disease. The central motivation for our work comes from the conviction that only through a deep comprehension of the mechanisms that lead to the loss of brain functions we will be able to propose new treatments or effective strategies to prevent the development of disease, leading to an improvement in quality of life of millions of individuals affected by the disease worldwide, their families and caregivers.

Click here to see our most recent and some selected publications.

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